Dispute Settlement


The firm assists its clients from the beginning of their operations and ensure every step is secured to avoid dispute or law violation. When dispute does although rise, the firm advises on mediation and other related out-of-court settlement. And when litigation is still unavoidable, the firm has a strong knowledge of legal court procedures to ensure the preservation of its clients’ interests.

The most time and money saving mode for resolution of conflicts and over which the parties retain full control is quite simply arbitration. Rohn Proctor provides arbitration services in accordance with the law governing the legal profession and civil procedure, and above all with the integrity on which the law firm builds its business relationships.

Rohn Proctor is also committed to giving back by setting up a Pro Bono Annual Campaign for the benefit of the public good, during which the law firm will counsel and assist in a court case meeting certain conditions to be set at the beginning of each judicial year, which starts with the month of September and ends with July.